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Special Education

Grades JK-4, 7-8 Resource Teacher – Sarah Austin

Grades 4-6 Resource Teacher – Joan Duhaime

Electronic IEP Template

Parents whose children have an IEP, you now have access to the electronic IEP template.  The Ministry of Education has developed a pre-populated (profile section), read-only version of the electronic template.  Parents and students can access the electronic IEP template from the following URL: https://iep.edu.gov.on.ca/IEPWeb

Username:  IEPDemo

Password:  demo

Parent Weblinks



10 Bullying Myths Article

Grade 1
http://www.sandiegozoo.org/kids/games/bab.html An interesting follow up activity where students ” Build a Beast” using puzzle pieces. This activity needs little or no teacher intervention.

Grade 2
http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Audiences/kids On this page you will find a series of animal jigsaw puzzles for students to solve. Each animal is presented in its habitat. A worthwhile science activity that promotes spatial awareness.

Grade 3
http://sunflower.bio.indiana.edu/~rhangart/plantmotion/starthere.html Suitable for many grade levels, this site works best at the grade three level when used as a demonstration using a data projector or large screen TV. Students are able to watch comparative seed germination through time-lapse photography. Ideas for art, dance, and drama are also found at the site.

Grade 4
http://www.nature.ca/notebooks In our Natural History Notebooks you’ll find lots of fascinating facts about 246 animal species. You’ll also learn about the amazing diversity of life on Earth (both past and present), and why it’s important to protect that diversity.

Grade 5
http://www.smm.org/heart/heart/top.html This is a site ripe with illustration and animations of the heart and lungs. Students can, among other things, locate the heart using a virtual stethoscope, view animations of blood circulating through the body. A “lesson” section provides teachers with activities and worksheets.

Grade 6
http://www.localvets.com/critters Our planet Earth is home to many millions of species of flora and fauna. Scientists have identified approximately 2 million species, and speculate that there may be as many as 100 million.