Terry Fox 2023: Our School Run Day


This year, we are taking our Terry Fox Run to the Kinmount Fairgrounds.  The Kinmount

Agricultural Society has a beautiful facility that provides accessible, vehicle-free roadways for our Run.  We thank them for their generosity in donating the use of the grounds.  Thanks also for the generosity of J & K Devitt’s Services, who are donating FIVE BUSES to take everyone (K-8). The Kinmount and Coboconk Lions Clubs support us by providing a yummy hotdog lunch and a healthy snack and drink. Families and friends are invited to join us for our morning of making a difference and participating in what has become a Canadian tradition of hope and caring. We invite volunteers to help us with the lunch. Contact the school if you can help.

The link above allows you to make donations to our School Run Day. Please make sure to choose the correct Ridgewood PS in COBOCONK. Thank you for your generosity.

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