Salvation Army community support

Our local community partner – The Salvation Army …  wants everyone to know that hunger is never an option. The Salvation Army’s Food Bank provides good food to anyone in need. All year long. And at Christmas, a special hamper … Read More

Wolves of the Week

This week’s Wolves of the Week are …   Danielle Brown   Rogan Wilson  

Wolves of the Week

Our Wolves of the Week this week are students who have demonstrated outstanding support of others, as well as our greater school community …  including sharing awareness for White Cane Day on Thursday, October 15.   Seth Bryan

Wolves of the Week

This week’s Wolves of the Week are – Aria Evans and Wade Burrows.  “Congratulations Aria and Wade !!” … and “thank you !!” for all your outstanding support and quality character helping other students in your class. Aria Evans Wade … Read More

Terry Fox T-shirt ordering info

Please use this link to purchase your Terry Fox T-Shirt.  

Terry Fox Run donation link

Please see the following link for any donations you would like to make to support the Terry Fox Run through Ridgewood Public School.  Thank you to anyone supporting this worthwhile cause.  

Terry Fox Run support

Ridgewood will be supporting the Terry Fox Run this year.  We will not be holding a one day run event – but will be holding individual class run activities to support Terry’s cause.  Also, we will be selling Terry Fox … Read More