TECH devices (AND charging cables) RETURN Day on Monday, June 28

Monday, June 28 from 9 am to 3 pm (closed between 12 noon and 12:40 pm for a lunch break) will be the TECH device return day at Ridgewood.  All tech devices AND all charging cables must be returned so that support updates can be performed for next year’s use in our school.  Again, all tech devices (except Edwin Chromebooks from Ms McCabe and Ms Manderson’s classes) and charging cables must be returned by Monday, June 28.

Final Report Cards will not be shared with families unless their child’s tech device AND charging cable have been returned.   Also, any personal student items will be available for pick-up on Monday as well.  Sorry – but no visitors will be allowed into the school building.

It is important to remember – and practice – that social distancing and masking must be in place while you are visiting the school grounds at Ridgewood.

Please call the school with any Q’s or concerns.

Thank you for your support in this school year end process.