In the year 1992, the four northern schools of Burnt River, Coboconk, Kinmount and Norland were amalgamated to become one family – Ridgewood Public School.

Ridgewood Song

We would like to present to you

Opened in the fall of year ’92,

Ridgewood School is the name we bear,

Tell it people ev’rywhere.


We have come here to learn and grow

And be taught the things that we need to know

To take our place in the world today

To share and care and lead the way.


Ridgewood, Ridgewood,

Ridgewood P.S.


Parents, teachers, our friends as well

Have each had a part in our lives to tell;

Always willing to lend a hand,

Helping us be the best we can.


Here’s the place where we’ll dare to dream

And together now we can join the team

To make our Canada strong and free —

It’s up to people like you and me.