Patient, kind, and compassionate

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LoriLynn Ingram is an Early Childhood Educator at Ridgewood Public School. LoriLynn’s nominator said:

“While Lori deserves to be nominated for what she does on a daily basis, one particular event stands out that shows what a thoughtful and considerate person she is and the impact her actions have had on students, their families, and the community.

Last year just before the Christmas break, during a Christmas craft afternoon attended by many students and their families, Lori discovered that a large sum of money had been stolen from her wallet. She had taken the money out of the bank to purchase stocking stuffers for her family. Her co-workers felt terribly about what had happened, but we were struck by her amazing, positive attitude.

A message was sent out to the school community explaining what had happened, and before the day was out, so many of our parents had expressed their concern for Lori. At the end of the day, our families came together to support Lori with almost double what had been stolen.

Needless to say, Lori was so touched by the generosity of these families and she immediately started thinking about what she could do to pay forward the kindness shown to her. She wanted to involve the students in her class who were wanting to do something special to extend an earlier Kindness Project. The Humane Society is a charity near and dear to Lori’s heart, so she reached out to them to see what sort of donations would be most beneficial. She went out to purchase needed items, and also invited the families in the class to make donations as well…and they did!

Phase 2 of the Kindness Project took place in March, when the class held a cupcake sale. Once again, the money was donated to the Humane Society, and parents stepped up to help make over 200 cupcakes, raising an amazing $257!

These wonderful acts of kindness were inspired by Lori’s desire to pay forward a kindness shown to her – what began as an unfortunate incident, blossomed into a wonderful lesson in kindness and giving back.”

Congratulations LoriLynn !!