Legion Remembrance Day Contest winners : )

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Ridgewood Public School had tremendous participation this year – once again in the Coboconk Legion Remembrance Day Poster and Literary Contest – and it shows in the results !  It was great to see our Junior division participating in the Literary contest as well. Attached is a list of the RPS winners.  1st place winners’ entries have been submitted to the Zone competition where we wish them continued success.  Prizes will be forwarded to Ridgewood for all winning participants !  Thank you again to ALL the students and staff who participated in this year’s event.



Colour Poster

1st   Hayden Waldock

2nd  Tegan Gostlin



Colour Poster

1st    John Austin

2nd     Ellie Tufts

3rd     Adelaide Jacklyn Keeler


Black and White Poster

1st  Ellie Tufts

3rd   Sophia Rummenie



Colour Poster

1st  Pavlo Otchenash

3rd  Miah Earle


Black and White Poster

1st  Caley Tufts

2nd Avery Earle

3rd  Charlie Misner




1st    Jessica Goulding

2nd    Alexia Carreiro

3rd     Aleera Love



1st   Jessica Goulding

2nd   Aleera Love

3rd    Logan Carrick