Boston Pizza Operation Education

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Dear Students and Families,

In our continuous effort to help your school raise funds for various school and extra-curricular activities, we are pleased to introduce to you the Boston Pizza “Operation Education” program. This is a great fundraising and educational awards program that partners your school with Boston Pizza Lindsay.

This fundraising program allows your school to receive a 5% rebate (before tax) on all Boston Pizza receipts that are submitted daily. Those who wish to support your school simply write the school name on their receipt and place it in our fundraising box at the front of our restaurant. Each month, we will update the fundraising progress of the schools on the “Operation Education” board that is posted at Boston Pizza Lindsay.

We encourage you to tell family, friends, and neighbours about the “Operation Education” program, so they can also help in this fundraising effort. This is an exciting opportunity for participants to enjoy a delicious meal while raising money for your school at the same time.

We look forward to your participation and seeing you at Boston Pizza Lindsay.

At your service,

Ron Downey

Community Relations Coordinator